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Welcome to the world of my Sci-Fa series, The Kin Chronicles. As I travel through my imagination, writing and pacing my yard, I look forward to doing my best to entertain the wonderful readers out there that are so important to the existence of books.


“We crave the days of Harry Potter and want nothing more than to have a book series that brings that magic back. The good news? We may just have found a winner to take the mantle and run with it.”

~Feathered Quill Book Reviews


Explore my site, pick up a copy of The Silver Sphere and get ready for the sequel, The Sinister Kin, coming in 2014. Check out the cinema, artwork, reviews, and my interview. I hope you find them entertaining, because as the reader, you are needed.

Travel through the mysterious country of Meridia located on the planet Azimuth. In a land fraught with wonders and perils, join the Kin on a daring adventure in The Silver Sphere.


What People Are Saying About The Silver Sphere


“A vivid mind has most definitely brought back the Technicolor that’s been missing since Potter made his last stand.”

~ Feathered Quill Book Reviews


“This is definitely a book to watch as it has all the right elements to be the next Hunger Games-type phenomenon.”

~ Wise Bear Book Reviews


“This fresh twist on the quest fantasy novel is done with charm and humor.”

~ Foreword-Clarion Reviews


“As a warrior, Shelby must learn how to kill, and how to lead an army to preserve the light of hope, in this captivating and highly recommended saga of life and death on the battlefield.”

~ Midwest Book Review


“The Silver Sphere” is a must-read for any lover of taut, suspenseful fantasy.

~ Gayani Hathurusingha, Readers Favorite


“This book is sure to stir the imagination as it takes readers on its dramatic ride.”

~ The US Review Of Books


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